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He’d been messaging me for a while, I’d kind of written him off as a time waster so when he dropped me a message, I wasn’t particularly excited.

“I’m in your part of town all week doing this art project. I’ll be wearing a jock strap everyday and taking bareback loads at this public toilet.” He finished his message with a winking face.

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His pics were hot. He had that barely legal twink gay porn look that I wanted love to breed. Ever since I hit my early thirties I feel like I’m getting more and more attention from 20 some-things… Still my buddies in their 40s and 50s seem to be doing way better… anyone else found that?

But I’d also kind of given up on this guy as he’d been so such a time waster up to that point. So I played along with him, my dick getting hard as fuck at the thought of drilling his pink little hole and leaving my DNA deposit there.

So during my working day yesterday, as my boss once again demonstrated his real incompetence, I found my mind drifting to the art student’s sweet hairless hole waiting for some bareback action. In his pictures it looked like a pink little mouse nostril sandwiched between two peaches. There was no telling how good it would look with my raw cock pumping it full of seed.

Did I mention that my boss is a vision-less looser? I wont dwell on this because it’s not sexy, but it pushed me towards that sexy raw boy butt hole. In the hour before my lunch break I found my dick pushing up a tent in my pants and I started to plan the fastest route to that public toilet. I text the student but he didn’t reply.

Was he going to be a no show? Between my dick, my head and my phone I was struggling to concentrate on the pointless task my boss had me focusing on.

When the lunch break hit I hid my boner and made my way to the exit. A cold wind struck me as I left the office, I could just have gotten food at the office. That thought made me hesitate for a second, but my dick kept me on autopilot.

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On the way to the cottage I couldn’t stop the niggling thoughts at the back of my mind, what if he wasn’t there? What if it was all a waste of my time?

I walked into the acid smell of piss that floated off the shiny white tiles. There were a couple of older fellas stood silently facing the urinals. No one looked up or around. My heart sank. I felt it in my tummy. I’d walked the whole way feeling edgy and now that my boy was nowhere to be seen I felt pretty deflated.

Then I heard one of the cubicle doors opening to my side and turned to see my sexy gay porn look alike twink exiting with a cute looking guy about his own age. My gay porn twink caught my eye and gave me a wink. The cute guy he’d clearly just gotten loaded from walked off out of the toilet.

In a heartbeat I was in the toilet cubicle with my hands down the back of his trousers, feeling his sexy behind. His loose jogging bottoms fit him perfectly. They were quickly sliding down his legs as I fondled his smooth arse, shoving my fingers deep into his sopping wet hole.

As I fingered his hole aggressively, he kissed me like he was going to fill me up with his tongue. It felt really big compared to his thin barely legal twink body. The soft scent of toilet mingled with the sound of movement outside and my heart beat shot up to my ears. I loved the look of him sitting on the toilet seat, pants down by his ankles as he looked up at me from beneath my hardon.

I’d not noticed how pink his lips were until they started to make my rod vanish. The sight of it all made my prick throb excitedly inside his mouth. I grabbed tight hold of his soft curly hair and fucked his mouth hard.

Then, after a short blissful moment where I struggled to keep from moaning too loud, he stood up and turned around. He gave me a wink and pushed his behind out to meet my dick, jutting it at just the right angle to really round his butt cheeks in the light. They looked so good with that jockstrap. He gripped the base of my raw shaft as he slipped my cock into his soft raw hole.

No matter how many times I bareback, it always feels so good to be in a wet, well used hole. There is nothing quite like the moment you slip into a guy for the first time. Especially after you thought you weren’t going to get to play with him! I felt so silly for even worrying just moments before. I held onto his warm hips, really feeling the bone under his soft skin as I pulled him against me.

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My shaft throbbed inside his warmth. He turned around, wrapping his arm around my neck he started to kiss me. I started fucking him, the squelching of my dick in his hole got louder with every stoke. The raw intensity in his eyes from having my bareback cock in his hole was really getting me going.

I kept fucking him hard for as long as I could. The distant noises outside the cubicle became totally irrelevant as I started to get close to blowing my load inside him. He squeezed his hole and then pushed back with all his strength. That was the bit that tipped me over the edge. I heard myself gasping and clung on tight to him. The whole cubicle shook as we stumbled into the wall behind me.

After a short moment he slipped his jockstrap covered behind off my still solid prick, sat back down on the seat and sucked me off until I was soft and dry. Then he sent me back on my way, inviting another guy in to join him as I went on my way back to work

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