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Bareback Gay Breeding His Raw Hole

I’m still hard thinking about the hot breeding I gave this sexy bottom on Friday. Man I’m fucking hooked on bareback gay sex and raw hole!

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So I’ll start with Friday night, the boss had been giving me crap and after a long day at work I was wound up like a spring about to burst. It was clear as day that what I needed was to get some bareback hole.

After getting through the door, hitting the shower and popping open a beer, I got on Grindr and had a look to see who was in my area. There were a few cute guys but they all kept insisting that they wanted to wear condoms! You know the usual back and forth that can happen on Grindr. All you want is a quick bareback gay fuck and the dudes seem to be talking the talk but not providing any action. Man who still uses condoms anyway?

Then, after what felt like forever, whilst I was busy scrolling my twitter, this guy told me he and his buddy were having some fun and I should come and join them. They both looked hot as hell so I walked over to their part of town. The air was crisp as the sun set over the city casting dark shadows of promise. I had a feeling it was going to be a good night.

Guy A, the bottom, opened the door. He was a little shorter than me with sharp, close cut brown hair that matched his sexy little moustache. Very 1980s sexy gay porn star look. He was only wearing a towel which left the hairy chiselled cut of his upper body clearly exposed. The sight of him was getting blood pumping to my cock.

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I followed him inside to his spacious living room where some cheesy 90s dance music was playing. He dropped the towel to reveal his sexy white jock strap. We started kissing and I wasted no time in finding his sloppy wet hole. My fingers slipped into it effortlessly and he gave off this little moan of appreciation. God he was getting me hard!

As we kissed, he removed my layers. With my sweater half over my head I heard his friend stepping into the room. The new arrival’s arms wrapped around my exposed upper body and he helped me remove the rest of my layers before wrapping me in his big strong manly arms.

Guy A dropped to his knees and pulled my trousers down as Guy B kissed my neck. My now aching hard cock stood to full attention as the bottom sucked it off fiercely. I’d still not even laid eyes on Guy B directly even though he was twisting my nipples from behind. The feel of his skin up against my back was fucking hot! His raging rod pushed up against my arse, giving off a sexy heat all of its own. I started having these thoughts of getting fucked raw from behind as I fucked the bottom hard in the arse.

It felt amazing, being sandwiched between the two sexy guys as my dick vanished into the bottom’s moustachioed mouth. Then he stood up, giving me a wink that sent a shiver up my spine, he turned around and shoved my condomless cock right into his horny hole. It slipped in perfectly, without a hint of friction. I felt it push up against something wet and soft inside him and my skin tingled all over.

“Oh fuck.” We both gasped in unison.

“Yeah, you like his hole?” The other guy grunted from behind me.

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Then Guy B, whilst twisting my nipples, whispered “You like my cum as lube?”

It was too fucking hot. In just a few strokes I was struggling to stop from coming. I tried to hold back but I blew my load. When I caught my breath I could see that both of the guys were a bit shocked and I think they thought I was gonna bail on them.

“Don’t worry.” I grinned. “That’s just lube for the second round.”

The three of us chilled for a little bit after that, I needed a little rest to get ready for the next round. We had a beer and a little smoke, chatting about life and stuff. I was super excited to meet such genuinely decent blokes. Once I’d rested up enough, the bottom started sucking me back to full strength again. I sucked on his mate and then the two of us took it in turns to drill the sexy little sluts tight hole late into the night. We both dropped a couple of loads.

It was fucking horny, feeling how the bottom’s hole got wetter and wetter as the night went on. There is nothing quite like spunking in a hole right after someone else has just lubed it up for you.

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